Client Testimonials: Manpower’s Nancy Crueziger

New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Group really shines when the rubber hits the road—and nothing speaks louder than the examples and words of the clients we’ve helped.  ManpowerGroup is a world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business.  Nancy Crueziger’s 29 years at Manpower in their Global Finance Operations sector [...]

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Supply Chain Management Team

Perhaps the single most powerful asset of New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Group is the team we’ve assembled. Our clients receive personalized, concierge services and foster effective professional relationships with their designated MSG representatives. We think it’s important for our clients to know exactly who’s on their support team. This week, we’re highlighting our Supply Chain [...]

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10 Tips for Working Remote

Written by Kathy Donnelly Balancing your personal and professional life in the same space can be a challenge. These tips will set you up for success and help you achieve your goals. Create a dedicated workspace. Find an area where you will be productive and are able to take calls without being distracted by normal household [...]

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Is Your PeopleSoft App Overdue For Upgrades?

Written by Mike Doyle Years back Oracle announced that 9.2 would be the last application upgrade delivered for PeopleSoft. From that version going forward, all features and functionality would be delivered via ’updates’ as a part of Applications Unlimited. As a PeopleSoft implementer, I was curious to see how this would work in practice as there [...]

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Managed Services vs. Help Desk Approach?

Written by Kathy Donnelly A structured Managed Services team provides significant differences between a standard Outsourcing or Help Desk approach. Outsourcing services typically include a team who only know the delivered software and may not know (or care) about your business challenges. They have technical resources who provide development, debugging tools and system administration, but do [...]

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