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Upskill your team with existing or custom workshops that can be facilitated in person, on/off-site, or virtually. Choose from our list of programs able to be tailored to your needs and talent. Learn from our knowledgeable subject matter experts in an engaging workshop with a mini-lecture, hands-on activity, lively discussion, and helpful take-home materials.

Ready to implement a new technology tool? Don’t roll it out to staff before carefully considering how to optimize technology acceptance and adoption. Join this workshop to learn 6 easy tips for getting your work force on board with new tools with minimal resistance. Overcome the inertia of change by planning and preparing. This workshop is helpful for management of any level that needs to roll out new tools in the workplace.

Wondering how to keep your projects on track with minimal risks? Join us, as we work through real world use cases to practice risk identification by utilizing toll gates. Learn from experts how to best assess risks after identifying them and get helpful tips for risk mitigation. This workshop is a great fit for individuals who work in roles of Project Management.

Come engage in a thoughtful discussion and workshop with like-minded peers. Our Checkpoint System invites our clients to take advantage of our experience and best practices, to help them implement strategies, support, assessments, and avoid the unnecessary waste of time and materials. This workshop guides you through a use case utilizing 5 steps. Get to take home NRC’s Project Checkpoint guide to help in future troubleshooting. This workshop will be valuable for Project Managers.

IT talent is extremely valuable to any organization. Finding innovative new ways to attract, retain and energize IT talent is a challenge for many. Join this workshop to learn industry best practices from experts in the IT hiring space. This interactive workshop will provide insightful discussion, activities and a helpful take away. This workshop is for HR management and others interested in improving IT staff.

Explore new ways to work with IT as a business partner. Determine ways to conduct business with and through technology. This workshop enables management to think differently about their IT staff and learn ways to optimize their performance for the benefit of the company, evolving IT into a business partnership role through collaboration. This workshop is a great fit for IT managers, Directors, VPs and C-Level individuals who drive IT initiatives across an organization.

Whether brand new or in need of a refresher, this 8-hour intensive workshop provides a breakdown of all the important areas in Scrum: roles and responsibilities, events and ceremonies, and more. Attendees are provided with helpful course materials and engaged through activities and discussions. This customizable workshop is valuable for teams who currently use or those or are planning to use Scrum.


Experienced consultants, with strong technical and/or business skills, are in demand and command high salaries. Even if you have the budget for a top-notch expert, they are in short supply. And, if you find someone and successfully bring them on board for your project, once the project is complete, they are off to the next big project and you still need a resource to maintain your application.

New Resources Consulting instituted the Talent Incubator to identify, train and coach local and diverse talent to fill enterprise application roles. Our graduates have real-world practical experience working on implementations and upgrades – in fact, specifically on your project – combined with classroom training from our staff of top-notch consultants.




At New Resources Consulting, we believe our mission goes above and beyond providing the industry’s finest IT Solutions. Two unique aspects of NRC’s mission are what we call “Educate” and “Connect.” The workshops, executive briefings, webinars, and other educational activities we host foster a community dedicated to education, learning, and personal and institutional betterment. They also serve to connect our clients with their peers, industry leaders, and potential business contacts.

With Educate and Connect, we all can enter into a larger conversation—fueled, mainly, by your unique needs. Do you have a great idea for an executive briefing or panel? Let’s plan it together. Or perhaps you’re in need of an educational or informative in-service for your staff or clients. We can help. Maybe you’re looking for a presenting partner at an event you’ve been working on. Maybe NRC is the one. Use this form to tell us what you need, and how NRC can help you realize all of your education and connection goals. We look forward to hearing from you! 






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